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Discover the seamless Poti-Constanta ferry service, connecting ports with ease. Efficient, reliable logistics for your cargo.

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Passenger transportation is currently unavailable!

Ferry between the ports
Poti, Georgia and Constanta, Romania

We do transportation of trucks, trailers, containers, cars and motorcycles, bulk cargo and oversized, passenger transportation. Including the transportation of goods with temperature control.

Experience the convenience of ferry transportation! Book your journey now.


Download the price list and contact us for details

Rate includes loading and unloading charges

Important notes:

If these vehicles carry goods classified as "Dangerous Goods" (IMO, ADR) and / or containing alcoholic beverages with a strength of 14 or more degrees, the indicated rates are multiplied by a factor of 1.2

The rates shown include a place per truck driver in a standard room and three meals a day. Please note that a surcharge of 200 Euros will be charged for the second driver. Also, the second driver must be included in the CMR.

Vessel departure schedule:

  •  every Tuesday: Poti-Constanta

  •  every Friday: Constanta-Poti

Regularity once a week, four times a month. Travel time 42 hours.

Please make sure you arrive at least 12 hours before the departure of the vessel to avoid any inconvenience caused by not being able to arrive on your chosen date. Scheduled departure time - is noon.

Please note that the timetable provided is subject to change due to weather conditions, navigational considerations and unforeseen circumstances.

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