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rail transportation, logistics, freight delivery
  • What form of payment is practiced in cooperation with your company?
    The form of payment for the service by our company is 100% prepayment. With no exceptions. Unfortunately, the railway transportation does not have the opportunity to delay the transfer of the cargo to the owner, as is the practice in sea transportation under a bill of lading, when the cargo arrives at the port of destination. Or as in auto transportation, when the owner of the vehicle does not will transmit the cargo until the delivery services are paid. Moreover, given that the railway is a state monopoly of all countries of followings of the cargo, no country will provide an opportunity for forwarding cargo through its territory without prepayment.
  • Are there any special conditions for the delivery of goods if the goods are placed in 20ft containers?
    Yes, there is. For forwarding 20ft containers, a second container (pair) is required. If you do not have cargo for the second 20ft container, please contact our company via any of the communication channels, we will help you find a solution to this tasks.
  • Do you insure the cargo?
    Yes, we insure cargo upon request from the customer and at the expense of the customer. As a rule, an international insurance policy costs 0.4% of the declared amount of the cargo. Recommendation. Insure your cargo if: - no certainty about packaging - cargo is very fragile - goods integrity is critical
  • How long time is the cargo delivered from China to Georgia?
    Maximum delivery time to China is 14-18 days. You need to understand that the transportation period is calculated from the day the train began to move from the loading station in China, and not from the moment the goods arrived at the warehouse.
  • In which city of Georgia will the container arrive from China?
    In any city where there is a cargo railway station and it is possible to carry out customs clearance of goods in accordance with Georgian rules for imported goods. If we are talking about Tbilisi, the railway station located near the Isani district will be used to receive the cargo, where customs clearance of the cargo will also take place:
  • From which railway station sending cargoes from China to Georgia or Azerbaijan?
    We work with all provinces of China when sending goods by rail in order to achieve the fastest transit times and favorable prices, taking into account all the components: the cost of renting a container, domestic transportation in China and the cost of freight.
  • Where is your office located?
    Global Logistic Solution's head office is located in Tbilisi, Georgia. Our company is Ukrainian-Georgian-Kazakh-Chinese. But we are now working remotely. Head office: 37M, Ilia Chavchavadze Avenue. Vake District Axis tower. 5 floor. Tbilisi. Georgia. ZIP 0179 ​ Legal address: 3, Rapiel Eristavi St., Vake District. Tbilisi. Georgia. ZIP 0179
  • What time losses can there be before the cargo starts direct forwarding from China to the destination country?
    If the container is far from the railway station, the internal transportation time in China takes a maximum of 3-5 days. Also need to know that before the train departs, the cargo must be at the railway station 5 days in advance.
  • How much does it cost to deliver 1 kg of cargo from China?
    You can order delivery even "1 grams", but the delivery price will be calculated from the minimum volume - 1cbm. As you understand, first of all the calculation of delivery is based on cubic meters. Cost 1cbm is according to the price range $155 per 1cbm if the cargo is sent from the railway station in the city of Urumqi. But there is a limitation in weight. The maximum weight for 1cbm should not exceed is 350 kg. If the weight of 1cbm is more than 350 kg, the possibility and cost of delivery of such a cargo should be discussed separately.
  • Can you prepare the necessary documents for exporting cargo from China?
    Yes, we can prepare almost any document for the further export of goods from China within the framework of international law, including: - export license - сustoms clearance declarations - phytosanitary certificate - certificate of origin and etc.
  • If I want to deliver not a full container, but to fill some part of it, what are the prices depending on the volume of container loading? LCL"
    If necessary deliver a cargo of less than full loading container (LCL), there are two prices depending on the location of our warehouse for cargo consolidation: - warehouses in Yiwu and Guangzhou - price about $215 per cbm. Far from the Kazakh border. High costs for domestic transportation. - warehouses in Xi'an - price about $175 per cbm. Middle from the Kazakh border. Middle costs for domestic transportation. - warehouses in Urumqi - exact price $155 per cbm. Near from the Kazakh border. Low costs for domestic transportation. Urumqi - the city from where the consolidated cargoes are dispatched. This dependence is associated with the different distance of transportation of goods within China to the railway stations of departure.
  • How often, with what frequency, are cargo sent from China?"
    The train from China is departs with cargo at least once a week.
  • How will the contractual relationship between my company and GLS LLC be formalized? What transport document will be provided upon arrival of the cargo in the destination country?
    Before we begin the process of receiving and delivering your cargo, a contract for freight forwarding will be concluded with our company (Global Logistic Solution LLC. ID 405375801). The condition for groupage cargo is LCL. Provided that your cargo will have the status of a groupage (LCL), a "Power of Attorney for forwarding" mandatory must be issued. Important: the legal entity drawn up in all shipping documents for the purchase of goods (invoices, packing list, etc.) must be the same person that will be indicated in the signed contract and in the "Power of Attorney". It is on the basis of the "Power of Attorney" that you will receive the goods in Georgia and declare your rights to the goods in the customs department, passing through customs clearance of the goods. So, in order for us to start cooperation and accept your cargo for delivery, we need: 1. Conclude a "Forwarding Agreement" with our company 2. You will fill out the "Appendix to the contract" indicating the details of your cargo, its location, place of delivery, etc. 3. You will need to sign a "Power of Attorney", according to which you will entrust our company with the delivery of goods from China The "Agreement" and "Power of Attorney" will be provided to you upon request.
  • How much does it cost to deliver a fully loaded 40HQ container? FCL
    To answer this question we need to know the type of cargo, weight and volume. However, you can focus on the following prices (FOB Incoterms) without container rental: - Xi'an (China) - Baku $3000-3100 - Xi'an (China) - Tbilisi $3200-3300 - Urumqi (China) - Baku $2780-2900 - Urumqi (China) - Tbilisi $3070-3200 The cost is relevant for a "General cargo", equal to filling a 40FT/HQ container (parameters for 40HQ = 76CBM or/and 26 tons of cargo). - Freight price does not include container rental. The cost depends on the location of your factory / warehouse. Specify. - Freight price does not include domestic transportation within China. The cost depends on the location of your factory / warehouse. Specify. If the goods will have all the necessary documents for processing the export documents (that is, there will be no delays on your part), the container is transported to the station and its departure according to the schedule. As a rule, railway trains depart 1-2 times a week in our direction, but at least once a week. Further, after departure, the net freight will take 14-18 days. These are real terms!
  • Do you have warehouses in China for cargo consolidation?
    Yes, we have several warehouses in China. Namely in the cities: Guangzhou, Yiwu, Urumqi and Xi'an.
  • What is your company's experience in global logistics services?
    GLS Ltd specialists have over 25 years of successful experience in global logistics. Our company is focused on the delivery of goods from/to China on the so-called "Middle Corridor", which follows through China, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia and European countries.
  • How do I place an order for shipping with your company?
    This is easy enough to do. First, please register on our website. Then follow the instructions depending on the type of delivery of your cargo: - If your cargo is groupage cargo (your cargo volume is less than 40ft container), then follow the link below and fill in the "order form" for LCL cargo: - If your cargo fills completely a 40ft container, then follow the link below and fill out the "order form" for FCL cargo: If you have any additional questions, please contact us via any communication channel convenient for you: - WhatsApp: +995 595 198228 - Viber: +995 595 198228 - WeChat: GLS_LLC - Telegram: GLS_LLC - Facebook GLS:
  • How long does it take to consolidate the cargo for the loaded container to be sent to its destination? The question concerns groupage cargo, LCL."
    Consolidation time takes up to 5 days.
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