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multimodal freight forwarding


We specialize in international multimodal transportation, providing a comprehensive range of services to facilitate seamless trade connections between these two continents. With our primary focus on railway and sea freight, we are dedicated to delivering efficient and reliable logistics solutions.



Based in Georgia, strategically located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, we actively participated in the creation of the "Middle Corridor," a vital link within the ambitious global project "One Belt One Road." This corridor, encompassing both railway and sea transportation, extends from China through Central and West Asia, the Caucasus, and provides direct access to the European market.

Efficient logistics solutions connecting Asia and Europe for seamless trade operations


One of our goals is to enter the European market for container shipments through the Black Sea from the ports of Georgia, and, as a result, create a cargo hub in Georgia for the consolidation and transshipment of goods from all Asian countries towards Europe using the sea. The Balkan countries, the Mediterranean countries, as well as Ukraine and the southern part of Russia are especially interested and promising in our initiative. Of course, this route works in reverse mode.


Leveraging extensive expertise in transportation, logistics, and harbor management, our seasoned team orchestrates ferry services seamlessly connecting the ports of Poti and Constanta. Operating as a crucial conduit across the Black Sea, our service not only expedites transport but also catalyzes the growth of the trans-Caspian middle corridor.

Our operations transcend geographical boundaries, knitting together nations and continents through a fabric of efficient and steadfast ferry services. This network offers a swift, comfortable, and accessible solution for the transportation of trucks and vehicles.

Central to our vision is the commitment to enhancing connectivity and fostering economic growth. By establishing rapid and accessible ferry connections between Europe and the Central Asian nations, including the Caucasus Region, we envision facilitating a thoroughfare for prosperity and interaction.

Our objective is to establish ourselves as the preferred choice for transportation enterprises and businesses operating within this region.

Guided by our mission, we endeavor to cultivate trade relations that contribute to the expansion and development of the regions we diligently serve.



We offer a wide range of capabilities and competences, including:

  • Rail Freight: Leveraging our strong network and partnerships, we provide efficient rail freight solutions, offering cost-effective and reliable transportation options.


  • Trucking: We offer trucking services for seamless door-to-door deliveries, ensuring efficient and timely transportation within the region.


  • Ocean Freight: With our competence in sea transportation, we provide comprehensive ocean freight services, catering to the growing demand for reliable and efficient cargo delivery. Sea transportation is currently a priority type of cargo delivery.

  • Customs Clearance: Our experienced team ensures smooth customs procedures for your shipments, streamlining the import and export processes.


  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods: We have the expertise to handle the safe transportation of dangerous goods, adhering to all regulations and ensuring utmost safety throughout the journey.


  • Warehousing: Our strategically located warehouses provide secure storage facilities, enabling efficient inventory management and distribution.


  • Surveying: Our surveying services ensure accurate and reliable cargo inspections, ensuring compliance with quality and safety standards.


  • Ship Agency: As a ship agency, we provide comprehensive support and representation services for vessels, ensuring smooth operations and efficient port handling.


  • Transshipment of Goods in Customs Zones: We offer transshipment services within customs zones, facilitating the smooth flow of goods and optimizing supply chain efficiency.

Through our unwavering commitment to excellence, extensive range of capabilities, and our motto of uniting Asia and Europe, we actively bridge the gap between these two continents, fostering trade relationships and driving economic growth across regions.


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